Stories of Life Decisions

Alexandria’s Story

Jaxson is here today because God worked through the ministry of PRC. Alexandria thanks God that PRC was open the day she called.

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Our Plans and Our Future

One risk in performing ultrasounds is that they sometimes reveal more than you really want to know.

“I’m a very bad christian.”

There was a noticeable quiver in Maddie’s* voice. She had called the PRC’s helpline and was fighting to keep her emotions in check while explaining that her at-home pregnancy test was positive

PRC Was My Lifeline

My name is Alexandria*. Thank you for supporting the Pregnancy Resource Center. It changed my life and I want to give back. I am so thankful for the help I received and I want other women to…

Determined To Abort

My name is Kiera* and I want to share how God worked in my heart, through the PRC, to save my baby girl, Selah. I was scared and confused. I did a Google search and found the PRC.

Grandmother’s Prayer

Do you think God can use a grandmother’s prayer and a young man’s dream to save a life?  We sure do! Taylor* came to the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) for a free ultrasound only to see if her pregnancy was viable.

The God of Rescue

God often reveals Himself and His GLORY in some fairly unexpected ways. Recently, God orchestrated the unlikely lifesaving events that brought Victoria*, a young pregnant mom, to our Helpline.


Life Decisions
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