Mayra shared her heart with me as we sat together at our Support Services office—a place that feels like home for Mayra because of staff who have embraced and loved her throughout her journey.

When Mayra was a pregnant teen in 2010, a friend suggested she come to PRC for a pregnancy test. At our medical office, she felt heard and encouraged. She knew she was not alone and that PRC would be with her every step of the way.

After her daughter was born, our Support Services team gave her continued hope through friendship and essential mom and baby supplies. Soon after, she also married her boyfriend. She says she and her husband, a resourceful hard worker, are grateful PRC has been there to supply these much-needed items and to provide overall support to their growing family.

At every opportunity, Mayra tells other young couples to hang in there and embrace the life of their unborn child. Recently, she was able to refer a family friend to PRC. Her friend was extremely abortion-minded, but after her PRC appointment and the opportunity to see her baby on the ultrasound screen, chose life instead of abortion. Mayra smiles when she considers that she had a hand in saving this baby’s life.

When I asked Mayra what she would like to say to our faithful donors, she didn’t hesitate:

Without PRC, it would have been hard. Everyone at PRC is nice. They give kindness, respect, and love. Thank you for having a great heart and wanting to help people like me and our babies. Your gifts go for a great cause. Because of your giving, I now have a heart of giving. When the stuff I get is no longer needed, I get to pass it on to other people. If God helps me get on my feet, I want to help other people and pay it forward – just like you do for me.

In honor of Mother’s Day, and PRC moms like Mayra who embrace life, we are taking a special offering. Please consider giving a gift in honor of a special mom or person in your life. The names of those honored will be listed in our annual fall newsletter.

Click here for a PDF of our printable enclosure card to give to your loved one to let them know a gift has been given to PRC in their name or in the name of a person important to them. Many of you have honored your own mothers, another extraordinary mother, or a friend. Other supporters have honored deceased babies and children—this is a particularly meaningful way to acknowledge the painful loss of a child, especially on Mother’s Day.

Thank you for considering this special Mother’s Day offering. When you support PRC, you can be assured that your gift saves lives, both physically and eternally. Thank you for your love of life!

Mother’s Day Blessings,

Becky Buick
Chief Operations Officer

P.S. Please consider a special offering for Mother’s Day today. The mother or special person in your life will be honored in our fall newsletter.


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